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Discover step-by-step, how to setup your product, create up-sells and down-sells, share profits with affiliates and joint venture partners so that you can build your very own internet empire and start making money today!

Do you have a hands free, automatic internet business? One that runs whether you’re around or not? One that doesn’t depend on employees? One that consistently makes you money, even while you sleep?

But first, before we go any further, I want to make sure you’re in the right place as I don’t want to waste your time…

What you are going to learn about is the most powerful all-in-one solution for product owners that you could ever use for developing asuccessful internet business.

You’ll discover how to setup your product, how to tap into an army of sales affiliates, create powerful up and down sells that can double, even triple your sales and provide you with every detail of what this powerful service can do to make sure your business runs like clockwork!

And this will all be done, through a series of powerful training videos that you can watch on any PC or Mac computer.

It’s really that simple.

  • Are you searching for an all-in-one solution to sell your products and deliver them instantly online like a money-making cash machine?
  • Are you keen to offer buyers a way to pay you using PayPalbut you’re unclear on how to integrate it with an affiliate program, your sales letter or join ventures?
  • Would you like an ARMY of affiliates who are eager to sell products like yours and who don’t get paid until they make you a sale?
  • Imagine having an automatic system in place that pays your affiliates INSTANTLYwhile you sleep and so that you can focus on marketing?
  • Do you want to take advantage of a dynamic and powerful sales funnel system to setup your upsells and downsells with ease? A sales funnel that is proven to double, even triple profits?
  • Do you want to know how you can quickly and easily share your profits with your Joint Venture partners, or give your graphic designers, JV brokers and more a percentage of the sales automatically without the hassle of doing the heavy labour?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then JVZoo is for you!

JVZoo is a payment platform that allows you as the product creator to take payments through PayPal, deliver intangible products instantly, and pay out affiliates and business partners.

But let me explain what I believe is one of the most profitable features that will help you make the most money-and allow you to make payments to both vendors (you) and your affiliates seamlessly…

The problems with most affiliate payment systems are that you have to track all the payment and the refunds manually.  Then you have to pay your affiliates either on a weekly, monthly, or whatever your schedule is.

Now if an affiliate promotes your product, then most likely they’re going to promote harder for you if they get the commission sooner than later.

Makes sense, right?

And with most affiliate payment systems, this has to be done manually, or the closestthing you can do is pay the affiliate every other sale.  That’s why JVZoo is revolutionary.

The payment is done at the point of sale, meaning everyone – you, the affiliate, and your business partners – get paid immediately.

How awesome is that? Especially since it’s all hands-free and runs on autopilot!

If a payment is refunded, then the money that went in comes out from everyone who was paid earlier.

Everyone is super happy.

So as a product creator, you can focus more on marketing, getting affiliates, and creating more products.

Knowing this, you can see why you’ll want your product on JVZoo!

Now while I use other affiliate payment systems, I have to say that JVZoo is constantly being updated, which quite frankly amazes me – and with the right technology, it can help you increase your profit. Period!

However, here is the best part…

I’m about to introduce to you a step by step training course that will show you how you can add your product to JVZoo, how to add an affiliate program, how to utilize their sales funnel system to deliver your products, JV profit sharing, affiliate contests, and much, much more!

The JVZoo setup really isn’t too technical, but can be a little overwhelming for a newbie – so if you don’t know where to start, this video course will cover every detail of the process.

With that said… Let me introduce you to the NEW video tutorials for selling your product through the JVZoo Affiliate System…

JVZoo Sales Maximizer

In this studio quality, comprehensive and instantly downloadable video course on using JVZoo to sell, promote and deliver your products with ease, you will discover exactly how to setup and build your own internet empire with your existing products.

Imagine FINALLY being able to know how to operate your own “Internet business”, almost on autopilot…

  • Imagine selling a product that is instantly delivered to the buyer, with complete protection from prying eyes
  • Imagine having few promotional costs because you now have an entire army of affiliates who want to sell your product and they only get paid when you make a sale
  • Imagine being totally free to come and go as you please. You just set it up with a few simple point and click steps and you no longer have to spend hours paying affiliates, joint venture partners or emailing your product to buyers
  • Imagine that you have 2, 3 or 10 products being sold and each one has a  different one time offer after purchase, so that as orders roll in you can automatically be pouring money into your paypal account without doing more work
  • Imagine what it would be like to have an internet empire that is all contained within one tool. This means you don’t have to buy more scripts to host on your website, you don’t have to buy software or any other service as your entire money making machine operates in one place.

Now that you’ve imagined how you could use JVZoo, let me ask you this question:

Watch over my shoulder as I literally take you by the hand and show you HOW in this step by step training. You’ll have access to short easy videos that demonstrate how to setup, sell, deliver, test, and use the JVZoo platform.

Simply put… You will KNOW how to automate your sales process with JVZoo

Now obviously we don’t want you to become overwhelmed, so the videos are split up into bite sized chunks…short and straight to the point, so you get what you want in a matter of hours…

And soon you’ll have your product up and running in no time!

Here’s what you will discover inside this course:

JVZoo Sales MaximizerIn this particular introduction video, you will learn what tools you will need to get the ball rolling on setting up your product onto the JVZoo system, a quick overview of the system as a whole so that you can put the pieces of the puzzle together, and how this system works.

In this 7:57min video, you will learn about

  • How you can get your product on JVZoo’s payment and affiliate program
  • An introduction to JVZoo Funnel Mastery
  • Why it is critical to have the right mindset before you put your product on JVZoo
  • How you can succeed using JVZoo
  • Key parameters related to putting your product on JVZoo


JVZoo Sales MaximizerNow it’s time to figure exactly what you are going to need to have in hand so you can properly begin the process of setting up your product onto JVZoo, whether you are selling a one-time fee product or a recurring income product.  We will also cover what you need in order to implement some advanced features such as 2nd Tier Affiliate Tracking, dime sales, and integration into an autoresponder.

In this 8:33min video, you will get to know

  • What exactly you would need when you are going to be setting up your product
  • Why it is important to make all your decisions before hand
  • What are these so called “Product Files”
  • Why it is important to have a checklist of things to do
  • The things you should bear in mind if your product is a subscription


JVZoo Sales Maximizer

Before you can jump with two feet into the implementation process of setting things up onto JVZoo, it’s best to start drawing out what your sales funnel should look like, so you know how many upsells and downsells you will need which then shows you how complex your system will be.

In this 7:26min video, you are about to learn about

  • Why it is important to know how your sales funnel would need to look
  • What are called upsells and why it is important
  • What are downsells and the need for them
  • A basic understanding of a sales funnel
  • A graphical representation of how your sales page, upsell page and downsell page are connected


JVZoo Sales MaximizerNow it’s time to set up your thank you or download pages. You see, after your customer purchases your product through your main sales page, they are going to need to be redirected to your download or thank you page. Ever wondered how to connect your downloadable files to your thank you page?  In this video series, we will primarily cover one product.  However if you have a lot of upsells and downsells, you will need more sales pages and thank you pages.  But it’s important to connect them all together beforehand.

Again, all you have to do is follow me step by step, and look over my shoulder in this specific video. You’ll learn how to easily create a download page and you will be soon ready to setup the product onto JVZoo.

In this 11:58min video, what you are going to find out is

  • How you should be finalizing your pages
  • About the parameters that should go into each of your pages
  • How you can ensure you have all the files links on your Thank You page
  • Why your Thank You page is of primary importance
  • Things that you should do to finalize your pages and get your product up


JVZoo Sales Maximizer

It’s time to setup your product onto JVZoo.  In this specific video, we will go over every option under this section so you know what is available to you.  This way you can make the decision as to whether to check or uncheck certain options to help your one-time fee or recurring product make the most profits.

In this 6:53min video, you will get an understanding about

  • How you can get your product on JVZoo step by step
  • The things you should already keep ready before you get your product up
  • Information that you would need to input
  • What kind of pricing would encourage affiliates to promote your product
  • Some of the really wonderful features available that would really help get your product out there


JVZoo Sales Maximizer
Before you can upload your sales page and your thank you page, you need to create a JVZoo payment button and add that to your sales page.  In this specific video you’re going to learn how to create the proper JVZoo payment button so that everything is working properly.

This will enable you to create an automated system that allows you to run your online business 24/7.

In this short 2:36min video, you will be learning about

  • How you can create a payment link and add it to your sales page
  • Things you need to bear in mind when you create a payment link
  • How you choose a “Buy” button
  • How you can change a “Buy” button and the options available
  • Why it is important to choose one of the “Buy” buttons already available


JVZoo Sales Maximizer

It’s time to make your site live!  Now that you’re done connecting the sales page and thank you pages with the JVZoo payment button and everything is ready to go, you’ll want to upload them to your website.

In this 6:28min video, let’s take a look at

  • How you can take all the pages you have created and upload them on to your website
  • A FREE file transfer program that you can use to upload your pages
  • How you can upload all your files to specified locations
  • Ways to upload your files into sub-folders
  • How you check if your sales page is exactly how you want it to be


JVZoo Sales Maximizer

While we are primarily covering how to setup one product, to make the most profits, you’ll want to add up-sells and downsells.  Up-sells or one-time offers are normally shown right after someone purchases the initial product.  And then a down-sell is normally shown if the buyer doesn’t purchase the up-sell.  The deeper your sales funnel, the deeper your profits (assuming all the products are related).  In this specific video, you’ll be given an overview of JVZoo’s sales funnel feature.

In this 4:05min video, you are about to learn about

  • The JVZoo feature called “Sales Funnel”
  • How you can add upsells and downsells without any complications
  • Exactly how you can add multiple one-time offers or upsells
  • What you can gain by making your sales funnel deeper
  • How easy it is and what exactly you would need to create your sales funnel


JVZoo Sales Maximizer

Whenever you have JV Brokers, or want to share some of your profits with your business partners, in the old days, you had to do everything manually.  But with JVZoo, now when the sale is made, you can set it so that everyone who gets a percentage will receive it during the point of sale.  This is an amazing feature and you’ll learn how to implement this.

In this 4:34min video, what we will be looking at is

  • How you can set up 2 tier JV Brokers for profit sharing
  • Information that you would need to input to ensure you are doing it right
  • How JVZoo helps calculate the affiliate’s income
  • How you can make money when a buyer buys through your affiliate link
  • The way you can ensure profit sharing by means of an example


JVZoo Sales Maximizer

JVZoo already makes affiliates happy.  They get paid immediately and will ultimately promote your affiliate program harder (as long as it converts well).  What about taking things to the next level and adding an Affiliate Contest to your product?  In this specific video, you’ll be shown how to increase profits for your affiliate program and setup an Affiliate Contest to take your profits to the next level!

    In this 15:42 video, get to study

  • How you can set up an affiliate program on JVZoo
  • Exactly how you can use affilate contests and resources to boost your affiliate income
  • Why actually you need an affiliate program
  • Why you should give away some of your income as commissions
  • How affiliates help you earn money


Here’s just a sliver of what you’re going to discover:

  • How to master the JVZoo Affiliate system in the shortest time possible
  • The easiest and most automated way to setup a sales funnel that will double, eventriple profits from one customer!
  • Key strategies and steps for protecting your products being delivered from eyes who haven’t paid
  • Quick start-steps for setting up any product on JVZoo in minutes
  • The one-and-only proven way to setup 1-tier and 2-tier joint venture partnerships with instant payouts and no stress
  • How to add an affiliate program to your products that produce awesome salesand profitable affiliates
  • The complete and definitive guide to creating sales, thank you pages, uploading it all and connecting it to JVZoo
  • The proven way to setup dime sales, affiliate percentages and bringing it all together as a well-oiled sales funnel
  • Very simple tactics to setup subscription and multiple payments for your products
  • Instantly-effective ways to create and use downsells and upsells to sell more

And much more…

  • You will NEVER have to be confused by how to sell, promote or deliver your products to the world as these videos walk you through how the entire JVZoo system does it for you within a few clicks
  • You will NEVER have to go hunting down super affiliates, beg and plead with them to sell your product as when you list your product it will instantly be put in front of thousands of hungry, hardworking affiliates who don’t get paid until they sell your product
  • You will NEVER have to try and figure out how to integrate one time offers like upsells and downsells in your sales funnel, as the JVZoo video walk you through every step of setting them and explaining how to use them
  • You will NEVER have to struggle with setting up joint venture partnerships as the videos take you by the hand and show you how within a few steps. This means you and your joint venture partner can be up and running within minutes and all the distribution of money is handled automatically
  • You will NEVER have to pay for multiple scripts, software or a programmer as these videos demonstrate how powerful this All-in-One Business in a box system is!

There you have it! But to remove all the risk from you, you’ll also be…

Check out the entire video series for a full 60 days and IF FOR ANY REASON, or no reason at all, you feel it’s not right for you, just email me within 60 days and you can pull out without owning a cent, or being obligated in ANY way.

I know people may take advantage of this guarantee. But I’ve created this for the 99% of people who are honest, but naturally sceptical. Not the 1% who may abuse it.

I am confident that is you. You will benefit from this step-by-step video package if you put it to good use.

Obviously, that guarantee is beyond fair.

So here’s the real question:

Are you ready to take action, or are you still letting doubt stop you?

As you’ll see in the video, there is no need for doubt as everything is shown to you as if I was right there and you were looking over my shoulder. Point and click. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Are you going to take this risk free offer, or let it pass by you?

The choice is yours.

Go ahead and click the order button below to change your life for the better!

Picture yourself following a plan… a plan proven by countless internet marketers… and enjoying real results for the first time without all the headaches of trying to figure out HOW to do it.

Imagine the overwhelming sense of accomplishment, confidence and clarity at finally knowing and taking the steps that truly matter.

Building an internet empire using JVZoo!

  • Forget confusion
  • Kiss goodbye to feeling overwhelmed
  • And never again having to experience being lost about how to setup a sales funnel

Getting straightforward instructions without confusion is critical if you want to succeed online in the shortest time possible!

And that’s exactly why those who have bought this have such a high success rate (and why you will too!)

JVZoo Sales Maximizer

Yes! I Want To Make More Sales!

tick YES! I understand that I will be getting access to ‘JVZ Sales Maximizer’ straight after payment. I want to know the secret to getting more sales using JVZoo’s affiliate network so I can boost my sales and business!
tick YES! I understand that I will get instant access to all the videos immediately after payment. I will be able to watch them online, and also download them to my computer. This is going to be such a smart investment for me and will take my business to the next level!
tick YES! I have read the guarantee and completely understand the agreement. Everything has been set up in my favour. I know I’ve got absolutely nothing to lose yet so much to gain just by making a small commitment today!Let me place my order now!

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