This is a re-enactment of a real event in a US ER. The one thing that strikes me (apart from the amazing speed of the birth and the lightning quick reaction of the Dr , of course!) is the position this woman is in.
All the research recommends that women stay upright and off their backs during labour, and if she’s allowed to labour according to her instincts, most women will naturally adopt a position of squatting, being on all fours, or kneeling, as the birth becomes imminent.
This is because:
A) it means that you’re working WITH gravity, rather than having to push uphill against gravity
B) lying on your back presses the coccyx into the pelvic cavity, making the outlet actually considerably smaller (and therefore increasing the effort Mum and baby have to make)
C) when the baby DOES arrive, it’s much closer to the ground and minimises the risk of a newborn potentially flying across the room like this, if nobody is there to catch it!
So, remember; keep upright as much as possible during your births, and listen to your body Heart3.2 copy

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