3 Easy Ways to Add Joy to Your Daily Routines

3 Easy Ways to Add Joy to Your Daily Routines

Most of us live busy lives. Often, we’re so busy juggling tasks and responsibilities that we forget to take the time to do the things that bring us happiness. Unfortunately, a lack of joy in your daily life can lead to unhappiness, and it can even have long-term negative consequences on your health.

Several well-known studies demonstrate that positive emotions, such as joy, have a profound effect on your health. One such study entitled “Positive Emotion and Health: Going Beyond the Negative” was published in the July 2005 issue of Health Psychology.


Apps That Help Improve Self-Worth

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30 Traits of Adult Children of Alcoholics

30 Traits of Adult Children of Alcoholics

This is by no means a judgement on parents who are alcoholics or addicted in other ways, as they have difficulties which have caused them to become addicts in the first place.  But it does also need to be acknowledged that children who grow up in alcoholic homes often experience additional difficulties that can make their adult lives more challenging than for children who grow up in emotionally stable homes.

Janet Woititz, John Bradshaw, Claudia Black and many others have written and taught about issues related to adult children of alcoholics (ACOA) for decades. Nonetheless, as long as there are parents who have addictions, there will continue to be new generations of ACOAs.


What Happens When You Ignore a Crying Baby

What Happens When You Ignore a Crying Baby

Building emotionally healthy children is such an important part of being a parent, especially as we’re seeing more and more younger people developing mental health issues like anxiety and depression.

And it’s really exhausting and challenging at times too.

So next time you see someone struggling with a crying baby in public, don’t shame them for the baby being noisy but offer support and compassion to the parents to enable them to keep giving the vital support and compassion to their babies. 


What Happens When You Ignore A Crying Baby?

Never ignore a crying baby. #Psychology

Posted by Hashem Al-Ghaili on Thursday, January 18, 2018

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