Your Doctor is Wrong!


The doctors, media and news have been lying to us:

There is no one-size-fits-all in health.


The doctors, media and news have been lying to us: There is no one-size-fits-all in health.… Click To Tweet


The latest fad diet won’t work for everyone. The newest

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Baby’s DNA Becomes Incorporated in the Mother’s Brain During Pregnancy

Nature is so amazing, and we still haven’t even scratched the surface of what we ‘think’ we know, despite how knowledgeable we like to think we are!  More research into this could provide a cure for Alzheimers.  Plus, on a personal note, yet another reason for me to celebrate having two beautiful sons 🙂 Heart3.2 copy


Everything We Think We Know About Addiction Is Wrong

This idea also takes us right back to the importance of attachment and connection between babies and their caregivers 🙂   I don’t know why it seems so hard for modern society to grasp but we are a species that NEEDS attachments and social connections to thrive, and when we don’t get those, it creates social challenges, the consequences of which then spread out and affect many of us. Connection is key to solving a fair amount of societies ‘problems’, from what I’ve seen and researched over the years… Heart3.2 copy

How it Feels to Have a Chronic Health Condition Breakthrough!

Hey amazing LoveYourLifers! I asked on a mastermind group I’m part of a couple of weeks ago about setting goals when one has a chronic health condition and they came up with some beautiful suggestions 🙂
Following that post, I set an intention that I was going to open my mind even further to different healing modalities, even though I’m already into alternative and holistic health anyway, but the methods I’ve tried so far hadn’t given any real relief.
I also felt very down and negative about my health (exacerbated by quite severe pregnancy nausea too, which has been hanging on for three months now). So I dropped down into a bit of a whinge-fest for a couple of days and allowed myself to really FEEL the frustration and loss of health/lifestyle I’ve experienced over the last few years, and let myself truly wallow in how shit it feels sometimes, when I’m usually trying to smile and put a positive face on!
And because I allowed myself permission to feel TRULY negative about it for a change, I suddenly reached a place of positivity and hope for the first time since I became ill, and my mind was then drawn to a book that I’ve had on my shelf and read once years ago, but it didn’t really resonate at the time – “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay. I picked it up and started reading (bearing in mind that since I became unwell, I’ve been unable to read properly too – hell for a passionate bookworm like me!), and things started to click into place in my mind! Then I remembered I also had the DVD of the same name, so I watched that! And my goodness, that really resonated with me too!!
I was also sent a Groupon notification about a massive discount on a nutritional therapist training course, and the Universe nudged me (well, screamed at me is probably more accurate!) to sign up, so I did! And the information I’ve gleaned so far from that is really resonating with me, all about epigenetics and how different genes can get switched on depending on the nutritional and emotional environment within the body, which can lead to different symptoms/health conditions (but more importantly, can also lead the genes to be switched OFF again when you change the nutritional and emotional environment within the body, potentially switching off the symptoms/health conditions too, even genetic ones like mine and my children’s!).
So now I finally KNOW what my goals need to be for the next 5 months or so whilst I finish growing this baby – really dive in and do the work in the book! This is going to improve the emotional environment of my body and hopefully help switch my ‘symptom genes’ back off again 🙂 And since it can’t do any harm (unlike the pharmacological drugs that are the usual treatment prescribed, and which I’ve so far refused to take since I became unwell, so I get no real relief from the symptoms!), I can ‘treat myself’ whilst pregnant without worrying about causing the baby damage (y) So NOW I can start creating SMART goals that resonate and actually feel realistic for my current state, such as create 10 healing affirmations that I need to work on, print them out and stick them in places around the house where I will see them several times a day, etc 🙂
I thought I’d share my story because I know that sometimes, we can feel pressured to ALWAYS try to feel positive about the crappy things that happen and then not allow ourselves the space to really grieve and let go, when that might be the very thing we NEED to do first before healing can begin to take place. It was only when I gave myself permission to actually grieve that the (brain!) fog began to clear at last and I was able to start seeing things that would genuinely help for ME (for instance, I have a strong scientific background and logical mind and although I’ve always felt strongly drawn to the esoteric, I need scientific explanations for WHY they work to be able to ‘get’ them – the epigenetics explanation was one of those Aha moments I needed!). I’ve kept reading about how I should ‘find the gift’ of my experiences, but then I would mentally beat myself up for not being able to ‘see’ them, even after so many years of feeling unwell! But I needed to work through the grieving process first to THEN be able to see things differently, and allow my clouded vision to clear enough to be shown the next step along my path, even if I haven’t yet been shown the whole journey yet!
Hope this has helped someone and wishing you all well on YOUR next step of your journeys… Heart3.2 copy
I’ve been through these beautiful cards and found ones that resonated with me, keeping them out to read every day and remind myself that I CAN change my thoughts about my health and body 🙂

Leonie Dawson’s Shining Biz and Life Academy – a place of love, nurturing, support and compassion, along with eCourses, meditations, and other resources to help you Love Your Life even more!  I’ve been a member for years and have gained so much from being part of this special community on the ‘net 🙂

People with EDS are Not Defective; We’re Superhuman!

A couple of days ago, my two sons and I went to see a genetic specialist, who confirmed a diagnosis of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.  To quote EDS UK, this is “… a genetic connective tissue condition that is a multi-systemic syndrome.  Connective tissue covers over 95% of your body so there is little that escapes the symptoms. ”  It’s been described as a genetic ‘defect’ or ‘mutation’, and one of the diagnostic signs is that it makes our joints extra flexible, so we can bend them beyond what  is considered normal.

In the medical community, we are considered to be somehow defective.  The extra flexibility of the joints can lead to early onset osteoarthritis, and the muscles are constantly under greater strain trying to prevent the over-flexible joints from dislocating themselves whilst carrying out normal, everyday activities.  Given the pain and fatigue I frequently feel these days, knowing that there IS a definitive reason for this is, in some ways, a relief, and means that it’s NOT just in my head; I actually DO now have a legitimate explanation for the way my body feels most days!

It’s not an easy thing to go from being fit, healthy and active to every day being punctuated by pain and exhaustion.  In my teenage years, I was a good runner.  Not the best, but good enough to win a few races and get a medal or two.  My 20s involved quite a bit of moving around the UK, getting an education and then a career, aiming to build up a good, secure income and solid foundation for my future life.  The house I currently live in was one of my pet projects when it was bought.  I dreamed of transforming it into a beautiful home to have a family in, and then move on up the property ladder.

At that time I was fit enough to dig out the garden for the pond, rewire the whole house (including the channelling out of the brickwork for the wires), put in our own central heating system,  and plaster walls. I was highly motivated, and had a strong, hard-working streak running through me, having grown up in a family of similarly strong, hard-working women who had been able to set to and get stuff done, with or without any men around!

But over the last few years, I started to notice more and more aches and pains and just put them down to getting older.  Then some days, even sitting at the computer to work became painful.  The joints in my hand ached just from holding the mouse, and my head felt too heavy for my neck, so my neck ached leading to severe migraines, several times a week.  Sometimes, the fatigue was so bad, I couldn’t even lie on my side in bed and hold my smartphone so I could carry on reading a document I was working on.

An initial diagnosis of fibromyalgia occurred in May 2011, which made some sense of how I was feeling.  But it was still quite a bitter pill to swallow at the time as being told there is no treatment for fibro is not something a busy, self-employed, home-educating, house-renovating single Mum wants to hear!  I had been hoping I was just a bit run-down, as I had big plans to build up my business and stabilise my family’s financial future by taking on extra mortgage, and didn’t want my ‘stupid body’ to ruin everything for me!

However, I don’t like to just look on the down side of things, even when it might be hard to see a positive side to a clinical diagnosis of a seemingly incurable, genetic condition!  I like to find the humour in a situation where I can, as it lessens the negative impact and effect on my mood, so here’s MY silly take on this latest life ‘challenge’…

elastigirlPeople with EDS can do things with their bodies that are considered beyond ‘normal’ for human beings; there’s another name for people like us – Superheroes!  Think about it!  In comic books, our so-called ‘defect’ would be considered a super power!  Disney Pixar even made a Superhero with powers like ours;  Elastigirl from The Incredibles!  She’s extra bendy, just like us, and her nemesis was actually called ‘Syndrome’!  Maybe Helen Parr has EDS…?!


eds-hand1I don’t want my boys growing up with the belief that there is something ‘wrong’ with their bodies, so I believe we can choose to embrace the body we were born into and see it as ‘special’, instead of ‘defective’!  At the very least, my boys have been having fun freaking out their friends at school with the ways they can bend their hands and fingers into positions that would make a grown man wince!

Alex, my 10 year old, was actually chuffed to be told he has EDS; he said it was cool to have a syndrome because it made him ‘different’!  And who knows?  Maybe EDS IS a step on the evolutionary path to some humans becoming like the X-Men; “a subspecies of humanity who are born with superhuman abilities”… 😀

We can’t control the kind of life we were born into, nor the kind of body.  We can’t control all the things that will happen to us as we journey through life.  We CAN control how we choose to see these things though.  We can see them as a life sentence, or a gift disguised as a challenge.  We can try to see the bigger picture and teach our children to do the same.  We can take a spiritual perspective and see it as a life lesson, chosen before we were even born.  We can try to find something funny about our life challenges.  We can even think of them as ‘cool’!

Every time you find humour