Your Doctor is Wrong!

Your Doctor is Wrong!


The doctors, media and news have been lying to us:

There is no one-size-fits-all in health.


The doctors, media and news have been lying to us: There is no one-size-fits-all in health. Click To Tweet


The latest fad diet won’t work for everyone. The newest

fat burning supplement won’t either. They may help a

select few, but most will be left wondering what to try



But what if I told you you there were a way to discover

the optimal lifestyle for you, right now? That it was

possible to find the diets, exercises, and personal and

professional conditions that would help you live a truly

fulfilled life? That instead of guessing, you could know

exactly what works for your body.


Until now, there was no simple way to access this knowledge.


All of that changed when I learned about ph360, a revolutionary

software app that uses your body’s measurements, condition

and lifestyle habits to calculate the ideal lifestyle habits

for you. ph360 provides a comprehensive and personalized

plan for every arena of your life, integrating ancient medical

science and modern technology unlike any other software in

the world.


Click here to learn how you and your loved ones can step

into the future of personalized health today.


Foods to Eat

Over 700 food items ranked for your health and wellness.

Thought Explainer

Up to 24 specific insights into your neurotransmitters, hormones, and thought processes.

Vacation Planning

Plan vacations according to your Body Profile and circadian rhythm. Discover the time and place to go for rapid rejuvenation.

Social Compass

Discover the social interactions that will energize you, and those that will drain you.

Unlimited Updates

Update any time to keep your personalized plan current.

Easy Guide

Step-by-step video guide to taking your measurements, and error recognition for large mistakes.

Powerful Data

10,000+ data points and 500+ physical measurement ratios calculate your unique Body Profile.

Environmental Insight

Learn 6+ specific environmental components most influential for your health.

Smart Learning

When you give feedback, your PH360 learns more about you, and modifies advice accordingly.

Skill Calculator

Target up to 18 natural talents so you can tailor your career to suit you.

Visual Tracker

Track your progress – BMI, BFI, water content, lean muscle mass, fitness index, weight, and measurements represented in a simple visual graph.

Personalized Fitness

Exercises designed for your body, with 1000+ to choose from.

Start hacking your health today!



10 Must-Have Traits if You Want to be Wealthy

10 Must-Have Traits if You Want to be Wealthy

The wealth disparity is constantly growing. Wouldn’t it be nice to be on the other end of the spectrum for a change?

The good news is: Wealth leaves clues! Those with consistent financial distress share many characteristics. Those with money share other characteristics. If you can exhibit these wealthy characteristics consistently, you’ll enjoy a greater level of wealth, too.  Download our free guide to help you Love Your Money when you sign up for our money tips 🙂

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Stop Living Your Dreams in Your Head and Start Living Them in Reality!

Stop Living Your Dreams in Your Head and Start Living Them in Reality!

This is similar to what has propelled me to prioritise travelling myself – until 2 years ago, I’d only ever chosen to take 1 holiday to Majorca in my whole life, as I had developed a belief that foreign holidays weren’t for ‘people like me’.

After becoming chronically ill and then being diagnosed with a genetic condition a couple of years ago, I realised that none of us get out of this life alive and it was time to start prioritising my lifelong dream of travelling! We’ve cut down on ALL but the most vital expenditure, living frugally most days, and are manifesting the money to be able to afford it (something I again never believed possible, as I had such a poverty mindset!).

In just the last year I have pushed past my mental limitations to take my children for a day trip to France, then a trip to Venice for my partner and I, then 5 months later ANOTHER trip to Venice for my birthday, then two months after that, a mini-cruise to another part of France, and finally, we’ve just come back from a trip to Paris!

Sailing up one of Venice's Canals on a Gondola!

Sailing up one of Venice’s Canals on a Gondola!

It’s physically been a challenge because of my health not being great these days (so at the moment, my dreams of walking the Great Wall of China and visiting Machu Picchu are on hold!), so I would urge ANYONE to stop living their dreams in their heads, and get out there living them in reality, whilst you’re still fit and healthy enough to really enjoy it! Heart3.2 copy


A Funny Little Story to Share with You about Manifesting!

I take my child to school on the bus and one day last week, on my way home after dropping him off, I was pondering whether the bus driver receives any other indication that a passenger wants to get off the bus, apart from the audible bell when someone presses the button. I pressed the bell for my stop and when it got closer to where I get off, I noticed the driver wasn’t slowing down, so I stood up and headed to the front of the bus.
As we came almost alongside my stop with no sign of stopping, I pressed the button again and the driver asked me if I wanted the stop we were just passing. I laughed and said “Yes! I DID press the bell earlier, but perhaps you didn’t hear it…”. He laughed too and said “Sorry! My phone went off so I thought the bell I heard was just THAT, and there isn’t any other indicator to let me know someone wants to get off the bus!”.
He pulled over just after my stop and I got off with a cheery thank you and goodbye, and silently thanked the Universe for so quickly answering my question 😀 I’ve ridden on buses for YEARS and never had the driver go past the stop I want after ringing the bell, so this DID make me laugh!!