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EVERY Baby is a Precious Gift!

This just made my heart melt and my eyes leak a little 😍 This Mother and Son are both beautiful people and are lucky to have each other. Every baby is a precious gift!

As a trained antenatal teacher, we often talked about planning a holiday to Holland but getting diverted to Italy when our babies are born with additional challenges. Italy is still a beautiful place and the holiday is still exciting and amazing, It’s just not what we planned and the scenery is different. So I love this ‘scenic route’ description ❤

I passionately feel health professionals need to use more awareness about the kind of language they use when dealing with parents and babies who have illnesses, disabilities, special care needs. They need to start looking at these babies as a beautiful gift to their parents, even if they themselves can only see the condition, and their birth and life should be treated as just as special and precious a moment for the parents. ❤

You won’t be able to breastfeed him they said …

I am so sorry when he was born the Drs said…

He is not like a “normal” child people said…

Your life will be a struggle people think and still say…

Life it’s going to change some of the “specialists” said…

Valentino has Down Syndrome they said…

But what NOBODY tells you…

Welcome and congratulations on the arrival of your precious little boy. He is here as you wanted, a little piece of your flesh and blood, the same heartbeat you heard and the same legs that kicked inside you…He is precious so are you for bringing him to this life!

The Route you are about to embark will be the scenic route, the one with bumps, straight roads, high hills, flat landscapes and magical sunsets or incredible sunrises (that’s life anyway right?). They don’t tell you about the rainbow after a child’s meltdown confirming everything it’s going to be ok! I got him and he got me! What else a baby and a child will need if it wasn’t for the love and care from his parents or peers? Make the most of your life together.

He is a strong little boy, a sensible soul, a wonderful healer, a funny cheeky 4 years old who is learning and seeing life from the most incredible chilled and pure eyes! He is gorgeous and not because he is my son, but because I don’t define beauty by everyone’s standards but from the ability to love!

So yes, there are times I realise the scenic route takes longer to get from A-Z…

But DONT BE SORRY, DONT BE SCARED OR SAD FOR US… WE ARE HAPPY, BLESSED and PROUD to be his parents! He is our beloved son and we love him as much as we love his brother.
And the only thing I would like to change is the World to be a better place for him!

7 years Breastfeeding in total 4 to Valentino and counting…and I love it and so does he!
So…Don’t tell me to stop, don’t tell me to change it when you and your books told me he could never do it in the first place!

#theluckyfew #worlddownsyndromemonth #dropthelabel #herockshisextrachromosome

Reposted from a breastfeeding group with kind permission from this amazing Mother, Adela Parzanese Guerrero

The Awesome Sacrifices Some Mothers Make, Just to Feed their Babies…And Why….

Sometimes Mums struggle to breastfeed.

And sometimes, it’s photos like this that keep us striving to make it work, regardless of the sacrifice it takes.

Some Mums endure painful, sore, bleeding nipples, when every feed causes them such agony that their toes curl as their baby latches on.

Some Mums completely change their diets to be able to keep breastfeeding when their little ones have allergies; giving up dairy, wheat, soya, all so they can keep feeding.

Some Mums refuse medication for their own medical conditions, increasing their own suffering, because of concerns about a drug passing through the milk to their baby.

Some Mums express between feeds, morning, afternoon, evening and throughout the night, to either increase their milk supply, or provide enough milk for when they’re away from their baby at work, or if their baby is in special care, or if they can’t latch due to prematurity or disability.

And when it all feels SO hard and exhausting, when the sacrifice feels just too much, it’s photos of just HOW amazing breastfeeding is that might just keep that Mum from giving up, inspiring her to keep on keeping on for the sake of her baby’s health.

In this Facebook Post, a Mum describes how her daughter was ill and she pumped milk the morning after. The colour was vastly different to the usual white, more closely resembling colostrum, the antibody-rich first milk that Mums make to boost their newborn’s immune system and protect them in the first few days of life.

This article explains this process in more detail.

Our bodies are incredible! And deserve respect and a massive high-five for what they do, without us even having to be consciously aware of it 🙂

To all those Mums finding feeding a challenge but still trying to find a way to make it work, we salute you 🙂

And your babies salute you too Heart3.2 copy

Parenting in the Early Days!

Parenting Baby B is a little like taking a 10lb + weight and fixing it permanently to your nipple!!! Your boobs are out more than Kim Kardashian’s butt! But your OWN ass is almost constantly welded to a chair, surrounded by everything you might need for the next 12 hours within grab range – snacks, water bottle, phone, breast pump, laptop, books etc.

Because you’re not going ANYWHERE!! Because whenever you try to unattach the 10lb + weight to do, oh I don’t know, trivial things like go to the loo or grab some more snacks, it gives off an instant loud klaxon noise, to alert the world that horrific child abuse is taking place 😉 And hearing that noise, and seeing that little face so unhappy, hurts my heart more than sitting in one position for hours on end hurts my body, even with my joints seizing up so that when I finally move, I’m like a cripple until I can stretch them out and gently ease them into moving again!

So it’s a good job that 10lb + weight occasionally opens its beautiful blue eyes, looks up at me from beneath long, beautiful eyelashes, and beams the most angelic smiles that would make even Emperor Palpatine turn away from the Dark Side 🙂 And is why, despite the challenges, I wake up every morning, feel my heart burst with pride and joy when I see that little 10 + weight, and attach it to me again, for another day of the same… Heart3.2 copy